The National Inventory Of Human Beings Vs. The Migrant

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Are you authorized to exist within the confines of the state? Have you been cataloged and placed in big brothers database? The right has gone on a rampage against migrants. The hypocritical belief seems to be that liberty and freedom should be afforded to those that are born into it seems to contradict many of their stances on the constitution. They will claim that the constitution should be followed except in cases of birthright citizenship.

Citizenship is now defined by what state authorized paperwork one holds. You must have a birth certificate to be entered into the system with the road monopolies of the state. The roads are used to regulate individuals. Your vehicle must have identification so the state can tell if you have not paid the appropriate state offices. The individual is licensed as a way to keep information and tabs on each individual. It is the campaign of the left and right to only allow individuals in the country that can be cataloged. You are simply cattle to the state.

The right continues to ridicule the president as they extol wars and migrant control. While the President seems to be the greatest defender of their violence and aggression and government inventory of human beings.

The “enforcement now, enforcement forever” policy of the Obama administration continues. The administration asked Congress on Tuesday for $600 million in emergency funds to hire another 1,000 Border Patrol agents, acquire two drones and enhance security along the Southwest border. This is the kind of conduct that provoked one commentator to observe that President Obama is the most anti-immigrant President since President Eisenhower, whose administration oversaw Operation “Wetback” in 1954. So far, President Obama has been even tougher on immigration than President Clinton, who brought the nation Operation Gatekeeper and similar border enforcement operations, signed into law the draconian 1996 immigration reforms and welfare reform, increased immigrant detention, and similar tough-on-immigrant measures.

via ImmigrationProf Blog: President Obama: WE NEED MORE IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT!.

Many Democrats have taken a slight pro-migrant stance in the case of improving their human inventory through the promotion of a national biometric ID. Even if we do not go the route of this biometric ID that has been rumored the same concept of human inventory exists with birth certificates, social security numbers and state drivers licenses’ and IDs’.

Many say it is the problem that the migrant can not get the right ‘papers.’ The problem is that we are forced to have papers in the first place. It is time we became critical of the accepted social norm of submitting to being human cattle and inventoried by the state.

Even the first lady is speaking to the children about making sure everyone has the right kind of ‘papers.’ Its’ not just the migrant that has to hold the right ‘papers’ but every individual under the regime. I am asking for migrant freedom not migrant catalogs just as I ask for human freedom as opposed to begging the bureaucracy to vilify my existence in their database.

Border control, ICE, State Police and many more work together to monitor and regulate the free movement of human beings. They demand payment to the state to be inventoried and monitored and if you do not pay the state to migrate or just to be able to drive to and from work they will inventory you in a prison system. One way or another they will have your movements under control. If you do not wish to pay the coercive state monopolies to maintain you like cattle or sheep you will be placed in cages or escorted out of the country.

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Penn OKs switch in insurance plan go to site highmark blue shield

Intelligencer Journal Lancaster, PA February 21, 2007 | Justin Stoltzfus Savings of $10,000 per month expected Penn Township supervisors authorized a change in health insurance policies for township employees Feb. 12.

Roadmaster and supervisor Daryl Lefever, police Chief Larry Snavely and township manager Connie Lucas formed a committee to investigate whether the township should make a change in health insurance policies.

Lucas reported Feb. 12 a change to a Highmark Blue Shield group policy could bring down the total premium from $22,000 to $12,000 per month, saving thousands annually while covering 39 municipal employees.

In a follow-up call Feb. 13, Lucas said township employees are insured currently by a HealthAssurance plan with a zero deductible.

The new plan, Lucas told the board Feb. 12, carries a $1,000 deductible.

Employees would be responsible for a $250 deductible, with the township paying the remaining $750.

But even if all of the employees use their entire deductibles, Lucas said, the cost will not reach the levels of the HealthAssurance plan.

“It saves an incredible amount on the premium.” she told the board. web site highmark blue shield

Lucas also suggested it would benefit the township to pay Erin Group Administrators an annual $1,100 to administer the group policy.

Supervisor chairman Dave Sarley agreed, saying township staff doesn’t have time to administer the plan.

“I would prefer it to be outsourced,” Sarley said.

Supervisor Ron Krause said the move might affect the township’s current three-year police contract.

Lefever said the current contract says officers should receive a “same benefit” but doesn’t specify if coverage or rates would remain consistent.

Sarley said the contract, in its last year, has “multiple interpretations” and needs to be improved.

Sarley said the township will use attorneys to “clean up” wording on a future contract.

On the issue of the proposed change in health plans, Sarley said the search for the best policies will be ongoing in future years.

“It’s not just Penn township.” said Sarley. “It’s a game.” He said nearly all municipalities and businesses are forced to “shop” for health care plans every year due to market competition and schemes by insurance companies, which he said deliberately cause big changes in premiums to lure in customers.

The board authorized a switch to a Highmark Blue Shield PPO medical policy to be administered by Erin Group and a United Concordia dental policy through Benecon.

In comments Feb. 13, Lucas said the United Concordia/Benecon plan represents “a consortium of municipalities” and could help the township get the most efficient coverage.

She said the police contract runs out at the end of 2007, and township officials will start negotiations within several weeks.

Justin Stoltzfus

Punk Johnny CashThe National Inventory Of Human Beings Vs. The Migrant

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    This article is right on the money. It’s a sad situation that’s so huge, I fear it may be uncorrectable in our lifetimes. I can personally attest to the veracity of the last sentence, as I am being deported for a 32 year old “conviction” that only exists in the minds of the DHS. I had the audacity to fight back. If anyone gives a shit they can check out “How I Came to be an Enemy of the State” at

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