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Jay Batman’s article flummoxed me a bit. I was actually a little bit surprised to see that this “anarcho-misogynist” had his work published here at Gonzo Times. I suppose it’s good that PJC is open minded and that a debate is going on, but to be present around someone spouting alternative right style propaganda is a bit creepy. Not that I disrespect his right to voice his opinion, but I would honestly suggest that Batman move from here to Richard Spencer’s website Alternative Right, where his right wing “anarchism” would not be attacked as frequently and he could get pat-on-the-head comments instead of angry rebuttals.


One thing I have noticed about people that enjoy making racial and gendered generalizations is that they try to back it up by some sort of real world experience. This experience is usually gross, graphic and over the top, in order to show that the obligueness of life is such that bigotry is an irresistible necessity.


Batman, like a perfect gentleman, tells us publicly about his “dear friend,” saying:


I have a dear friend from high school who has three different fathers for her children.  She’s a nice lady in all respects, but to hear her tell it, the men she’s been with are simply pathetic.  No self-awareness as to her own choices in the matters emerges in conversation.  To give you a rather revealing example of the likely issue that contributed to her current state of existence, her favorite type of pornography is the cream-pie.


Isn’t that special? Geez, Jay, I suggest you grab a tape recorder, repeat that paragraph out loud and then play it back. Maybe then you will be able to realize that you come off creepier than Boris Karloff selling drugs on school property. I can fire back with some stories, lots of them. One of my friends for many years descended into a spurious torrent of self-loathing wherein he slept around with women and contracted an STD.


I lived in northern California in an area with a huge Muslim population. Two family members of mine dated or married men from North Africa, which led to me being open with this group. I dated a girl from Saudi Arabia and befriended a girl from Syria. I can tell you stories of wonderous gentlemanliness in which the girl I dated had been raped, on another occasion kidnapped and harassed to a degree that she didn’t trust men at all. My friend from Syria had also been raped (I portend that rape occurs to one in three women. Not sure what the worldwide statistics would be).


One man I knew in California had just recently converted to Islam and was now seeking a “conservative” woman. For all his wants of modesty in women, he didn’t act that way himself and said many good ole boys comments around me all the time. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have thought anything of it if I hadn’t heard what female friends thought of him. The aforementioned friend from Syria, who in tracksuit, hair dye and ounces of make up was hardly a feminist said, “He slept around for years and now wants a young ‘conservative’ girl who will stay in doors.”


Back to Batman’s original point. Batman seems to find a problem with women choosing their own mates. I hate to break it to him, but that is called freedom. He apparently wants a lingering type of tyranny, one which would benefit him over freedoms that don’t benefit him.


Also, whatever bad choices his “friend” made, he might find that there won’t be the same lurch towards resentment if he listened to other points of view. If anarchists are at war with the “Don’t Tread On Me” crowd, it is because that crowd is so firmly located in its own little prism with no consideration of the desires for freedom and sovereignty on the part of others.

Unlike Jay, I’m also smart enough to know that bad incidents and choices in life shouldn’t lead a thoughtful person toward a prohibitive ideology. I know a few people who have literally smoked their brains out and no longer say anything intelligible, but I firmly support the end of the war on drugs. That may be a bit complicated, I know, but such is life.


Atlanta Rocks but Can Barely Roll under Weight of NBA All-Star Crowds.

Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News February 10, 2003 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News Feb. 10–As NBA All-Star visitors head home today, Atlanta police Chief Richard Pennington has a few words about traffic and crowd control: Next time we’ll do it better.

There were few major incidents through the weekend, but the problems that have dogged Atlanta in the past resurfaced. Streets were gridlocked. Malls were so swollen they closed early.

“There were some traffic conditions and snarls, and we are working those out,” Pennington said. “We have learned a lot from this. At our next big event, we won’t have any traffic problems.” Pennington has handled large events in Washington and New Orleans, and the weekend was his first big test here. He said bottlenecks on northbound Peachtree Street must be addressed. Planners will review videotape of traffic conditions.

“A lot of it has to do with the venues [people] pick,” Pennington said. “When you have four or five events in one area, it exacerbates the problem. And we have one famous street in Atlanta — Peachtree. And everybody wants to be on that street.” Police had difficulty dealing with the traffic Friday, but by Saturday, they had changed their traffic control plans. They began closing Peachtree through Midtown and downtown when traffic backed up and diverting drivers to parallel north and south streets.

MARTA on Sunday decided to operate trains around the clock, instead of stopping at 2 a.m.

Both weekend days, malls closed or locked their doors early.

Lenox Square mall closed at 4:30 p.m., instead of the normal 6 on Sunday, and Phipps Plaza began locking doors before its 6 p.m. closing, said marketing manager Scott Higley. this web site lenox square mall

“We reached that point again,” said Higley.

Just before Lenox closed, someone threw fireworks into the lobby of the valet parking area. The pop-pop-pop sent people rushing toward mall exits. A glass door at the Peachtree Road mall entrance was broken.

Police also arrested three women at Lenox who got into a fight after one of the women began stripping. They were charged with disorderly conduct.

Merchants began closing about 4:15, leaving some mall-goers angry.

“I understood why they did it yesterday, because there were so many people here,” said Kelly Sanders, a 25-year-old from Cleveland who also was there Saturday. “But they didn’t have to close it again.” Others, like Chris King, 23, of Newark, N.J., left without complaint.

“It was fun while it lasted,” he shrugged, a video camera in his hand. see here lenox square mall

Underground Atlanta became the congregating spot until the landmark mall also closed. An evening event, “Throwdown at Underground,” was canceled.

Three men also broke into the Gap clothing store at Underground Atlanta just after daybreak Sunday and, according to store officials, made off with more than $60,000 worth of All-Star jackets. Atlanta police Sgt. John Quigley said an officer came upon the men, but they got away in a car.

It probably was the only time of day when they could have used the car to get away.

Traffic probably was at its worst Saturday night, but it was bad enough Sunday afternoon that even cruisers complained.

“I got dressed to ride around,” said Janine Williams, a 24-year-old lab technician who drove in from St. Louis for the four-day party. “It’s been crazy.” Mr. Buckhead, Sam Massell, said the city needs a better plan to protect its premier entertainment and shopping district.

The Buckhead Coalition president and former Atlanta mayor was watching the basketball game on TV at his Peachtree Road condo and complaining about the noisy parade of traffic outside.

“They have trashed Buckhead; it’s deplorable,” he said. “Greater care must be taken in the future to protect the community.” Massell said sponsors — the NBA in this case — should be contractually bound to clean up neighborhoods affected by the partying. He acknowledged the economic benefit but said there was a downside. “There are horror stories about people not being able to get home. And there has been a negative impact on businesses where patrons cannot reach them.” Restaurants in Buckhead reported scores of cancellations Saturday night because would-be patrons couldn’t get there — or thought they couldn’t.

Once party-goers got out of traffic, their spirits brightened.

Michelle Chin, 23, from New York, was impressed.

“Atlanta is so beautiful,” she said. “It’s really the New York of the South.” Alpharetta resident Al Johnson, 28, sounded like a civic booster.

“This has been a spectacular weekend,” he said. “The mayor has done a wonderful job of preparing the city. More power to the Atlanta Police Department.” Mayor Shirley Franklin said: “Atlanta is a safe, friendly and exciting city. And as a result of that, there are more people in town that do not have tickets [than visitors who do]. But we welcome them.” Kanye West, a rapper on Roc-A-Fella Records, said police did their best.

“How are you going to prepare for this many people?” he said.

Police said by Sunday night they had made about two dozen arrests, mostly on charges of vending without a license or disorderly conduct.

Despite the confusion and the massive gridlock, many said they’d do it all again.

Brandy Gatlin, 22, of Tallahassee called her time in Atlanta a learning experience.

“If they bring it back,” she said of another All-Star Game, “I’ll be back.” By Eric Stirgus and Bill Torpy. Staff writers Don Plummer, Ernie Suggs, Andrea Jones, Saeed Ahmed, Renee DeGross and Mike Morris contributed to this article.

OrionLess Anarcho, More Creepy

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    1. Anonymous

      I agree with the poster. Batman I think you’re going a little batshit. I don’t come to this site so I can see 5 posts from a sexist. Yes I agree there are double standards when dealing with feminism. It’s annoying when I hear people say that women should be treated the same as men. And in the next sentance I hear, “Never Hit A Women!” or, “Ladies first”
      But your personal rants are not wanted here. Thank you.

      1. Anonymous

        I’m sorry, you must not be familiar with me by name alone. Michael has also very incorrectly called me an anti-Semite and a “spokesman of hate” so you could say he has a history of doing this.

  1. Anonymous

    Your example of Middle East girls are actually irrelevant in this context. Jay Batman are basing his argument in feminism in the US. Yes, we can all agree that women are treated badly in Middle East and poor countries but the question here is is it true here in the US? Saying women are still oppressed by pulling examples from poor countries are red herring from the true debate here.

    And how the guy wants to find conservative woman to marry and the girls complained, I don’t see anything wrong with that. The conservative woman has the choice here to accept him or not after learning his past. As women has their standards of men to marry, what’s wrong for the men to set some standards too?

  2. anon protagonist

    Isn’t the point of having debate the free exchange of ideas? Or is this just a place where everyone pats each other on the back?

    You’ve characterized Jay as someone who has a problem with women who use their freedom. Well that’s completely incorrect, not mention a strawman character assassination. Pretty low. But ignoring that, it seems you’ve missed the point. We, all of us, will have opinions on how others use their freedom. That has nothing at all to do with a criticism on freedom itself.

    Jay speaks of the double standard. You deride him as creepy.
    Jay gives examples. You call him names and not so subtly ask him to go elsewhere.

    Like I said, is this just a place where everyone pats each other on the back? Or do you actually want debate instead of mouthing lipservice to it?

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