Bradley Manning Rally And Vigil in Leavenworth, KS

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News is out that Bradley Manning is being moved to the Leavenworth Correctional Facility. We are organizing a Rally and Vigil in his support. The Rally will be Saturday 4 June at 1300 Metropolitan in Leavenworth, Kansas at 11:30 am.

Volunteers are being sought for the following:

1. Water. - It grows hot in Kansas in June.  People will need water.

2. Pavilions for shade. – There is plenty of greensward in the area, but much of it seems denuded of trees.  Clear fields of fire perhaps.  Anyway, we’ll want to put up some tents here and there to shade our people.

3. Transportation – we are currently building a list of ride shares from Colorado, Texas, Arkansas, Tulsa, Manhattan KS, Lawrence KS, Wichita KS, KC Metro, KC Kansas, etc.  The group where we are talking about these issues is here:

4. Speakers, amplifiers, microphones, sound system, preferably with independent power. -  Possibly we can hook into local power.

5. Hotels and campgrounds – we want to coordinate room shares and places for people to pitch tents in case they come in early, or stay until Bradley is freed.  The more information we have, the better.

6. Flotilla – the Missouri River flows right by the Fort.  Wouldn’t it be great to fill the river with boats and sailing vessels with protest signs?  If you know nautical people, please tell them about our event.

7. Media coordinating – Yes, we’re going to need help telling people about our plans, including the lamestream media.

8. Food – to the extent possible, I’d like to encourage people to bring their own food, or to shop at local stores, dine at local restaurants.  However, some people won’t have done that, and we should make plans to have some emergency ration type food on hand.

9. Medical – people are going to be hurt.  A tent for people to lay down, out of the Sun, with cots, with someone who knows emergency medicine, with some supplies would be good.

10.  Festive stuff – yes, this is a vigil, yes this is serious, and yes families are bringing their children.  It shouldn’t be all serious and dripping with sadness.  It is often windy in Kansas, maybe people would like to fly kites with Bradley’s name on them?  Ideas here are welcome.

11. Tell your friends. -  Post a link to the event or to the group on your profile page.

12. Money. – We’ll start a ChipIn and appeal for funds, soon.

There is more  on Facebook here from Jim Davidson, one of the event organizers.

You can join the facebook group organizing here, to help in planning and organizing the event. You can request to join the support team and we will add you. Also please RSVP here on facebook if you are going to be attending. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Please help get the word out. I will be posting more about the events as information becomes available, or you can follow the links to keep up to date. I’ll see you all June 4th.

UPDATE: you can support the effort by chipping in to cover the costs of the event:

Punk Johnny CashBradley Manning Rally And Vigil in Leavenworth, KS

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    (The Wall Street Bailout Crucifixion by Joe Elmo) on utube

    I was invitied to play live at the Union Square Park Rally and would like to work with the AFL-CIO to reach as many people to assure that the Wall Street Banks fail at breaking unions across the nation…
    (… I would be willing to play for and or help organize a show to benefit The America Hero….

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