Legalized Terrorism Is Called ” National Security”

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Jorge Valín

Member of the Juan de Mariana Institute

Translated by The Stateless Wonder

This week they have killed Osama Bin Laden. It was not an act of defense, but of revenge. Thus admitted an official of the Obama cabinet when affirming that, “The objective was to kill Bi…n Laden, not to capture him”. The Spanish State also gave its congratulations for the fact of this being revenge upon saying that “Obama has done justice to the victims of 9/11″. When a person administers justice by his own hand, they call him a murderer. When the State does it, they call it a heroic act. The mindset of West does not stand out for its impartiality, nor its capacity to use reason.

Without a doubt, it’s great news that there will be one less criminal, but all this is nothing more than part of the neo-con circus. The director of the CIA, Leon Panetta, rushed to say that al-Qaeda would “almost certainly” attempt some form of retaliation. Hilary Clinton, before anyone could call for an end to the U.S. police state around the world, also said that the fight against terror will not end with the death of bin Laden. The concentration camp at Guantánamo will continue to exist, along with the great abuse of human rights under the Patriot Act, abuses committed by law enforcement, as well those of the TSA, and the occupations and killings in foreign countries under the guise of national and world “security”.

When will this end? Never. Fear is what permits the State to grow. We see it in the field of economics. When someone speaks cutting social entitlements such as pensions, education or government medical care, there will always be a politician, or some lobby shouting, “The elderly will die of starvation”; or “without healthcare (governmental), thousands of children without vaccines will die by the day”. And funnier still: “Without education (State-funded), the children will be idiots”.

The truth regarding the involvement of government in the area of pensions, medicine, and education? What results have they given us? The government began the grand larceny of “public” pensions with the excuse that the people should have a “dignified old age”. There is nothing dignified about seven hundred euros a month. here is no one under the age of thirty who believes they will receive a worthwhile pension when they retire. The Government, political parties, unions and employers’ organizations have raised the age of retirement and we are all going to die with our boots on. The promise of the State was LIE. It was an excuse for ROBBERY.

The State also came up with government healthcare to give us more security. The result has been bad service, long lines, beds in the hallways and now the imminent bankruptcy of the system in some regions such as Catalonia. Boi Ruiz, the Minister Of Health for Catalonia, recently recommended that “the Catalonians join a mutual insurance company” to avoid the collapse and ruin of Catalonian finances. This is not a regional anecdote. Claude Castonguay, creator of the Canadian social health system affirmed some years ago that his “system is in ruins”. Again, The promise of the State was LIE. It was an excuse for ROBBERY.

And what happened when the State took over education? Indoctrination, intellectual sloth, and enormous percentages of school failure. The more the State invests in education, the more inept, dependent on the State and cloudy-minded our youth are. Spain, one of the most interventionist countries in this area, has the sad honor of being among the poorest performing countries of the world in school competence. The promise of the State was a LIE. It was an excuse for ROBBERY and INDOCTRINATION.

Why should national security be any different? The politicians promised us that we would be better off. The result has been a clear decline in our welfare with a radical increase of the police state (insecurity), invasions in other countries, robbery, creation of Central Banks, private monopolies and the mass murder with the the economic and political domination of the world as its end.

The objective of the State is not to offer more security, that is something only society interacting with itself can provide: the market with its security firms,alarms, gatekeepers, private agents, fences, weapons, cameras… The only end of the State is to create more insecurity and to continuously seek scapegoats that intend to destroy the world. Something like that is fine if it’s created a boy when reads a Superman comic, but is a very vague excuse for an adult (makes sense, since it’s repeated a thousand times in those indoctrination farms they call”public schools”). The more the State investsin a sector, the more deteriorates it, to thus continue exerting its weight on it.

What has national security given us, the American Empire, the UN and similar governing bodies? More insecurity, more deaths, more deficits, more taxes, new enemies for the politicians tweak so that they jump. Don’t you believe that the same is now being done with Libya? They arm the rebels as they did with Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden. Later they had to kill them both. What do you believe is going to happen thirty years from now?

Again, The promise of the State to guarantee our security was a LIE. It was an excuse for ROBBERY, DECEIT, MURDER, unlimited POWER and CRIME on a grand scale. The greater criminals are called Politicians and they live off our money. National security does not have a “national” solution, but rather a local and private one, but that’s another story.

TheStatelessWonderLegalized Terrorism Is Called ” National Security”

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