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Occupy Wall St has gathered media attention. It was a first move against the system. If it stops here we have done little more than a few protests and things go back to normal. We will return to the existing order.


@PunkJohnnyCash interesting in agitating a nation wide #generalstrike? People are really interested in the idea.

These are revolutionary times. Dictators are being toppled by their subjects. The ruling class has much to fear.

Oakland was highly successful November 2nd.

Now We are calling for a General Strike on the biggest shopping day of the year. We can shut down major cities and places of commerce. We can bring the economy to a halt on the one day they won’t be able to ignore us.

Please join us on facebook in planning this event. You can like the page here. Or join the group to help participate in organizing here.


UPDATE: Here is a quick poster I threw together, feel free to spread it around, any input is appreciated.


‘As the Bird Turns,’ brought to you by Erdinger Alkoholfrei

February 27, 2011 | Rick Steelhammer A Canadian cable television provider has apparently listened to those of us who have said there’s nothing worth watching on the 300- plus channels of programming we routinely surf through in search of enlightenment or entertainment.

Unfortunately, the provider apparently didn’t realize we were complaining, instead of bragging, and launched a channel that will make QVC and The Golf Channel seem riveting.

Starting Monday, Canada’s largest cable provider, Rogers Cable Television, will debut The Rotisserie Channel, featuring 24-hour coverage of a dozen chickens roasting over an open flame. The show stars two rows of six spit-mounted birds steadily burning off fat as they spin in a constant loop in front of a video camera. It sounds like an infomercial for the Insanity workout, without all the swell music or testimonials. website insanity workout torrent

Swiss Chalet, a Canadian restaurant chain that not coincidentally features rotisserie chicken dinners, sponsors the show.

Any food show that doesn’t star an abusive chef or feature drama- enhanced competition among egocentric cooks could be refreshing.

But I’m not sure The Rotisserie Channel will make the big time – even if CBS options the rest of Charlie Sheen’s contract to the Canadian network for discount spit time and the show is renamed “Twelve and a Half Turkeys.” For one thing, all the show’s stars look the same to me, and do basically the same thing, day in and day out – but the same could be said for MTV’s Jersey Shore. web site insanity workout torrent

For another, there’s the name.

A program that gives you the bird on a 24/7 basis deserves a peppier handle than The Rotisserie Channel. But this is the cable provider that also features the Fireplace, Sunset and Aquarium channels, with nonstop action, or lack thereof, that matches their monikers.

Allow me to offer this north-of-the-border purveyor of PETA porn a few free suggestions for rebranding the new offering:

* KFC-Span * Baking Bad * Fryer’s Club Roast * As the Bird Turns * Burns Noticed *** In other international food and beverage news last week, a Bavarian brewery began marketing Gatorade with a head: Erdinger Alkoholfrei, a no-alcohol sold as a replenishing sport beverage. I’m looking forward to a sudsy Super Bowl XLVI Erdinger Alkoholfrei dousing of the winning coach, but I won’t hold my breath.

At one stage in my life, real beer was already a sport beverage, topping off post-run cool-down sessions, and keeping the electrolytes charged on fishing trips, so I can appreciate the marketing strategy. But I’ve deliberately lost contact with the beverage during the past couple of decades, and have become beer ignorant to an alarming degree.

When Yuengling started being sold here a couple of years ago, I had no idea, until its commercials were aired locally, that it was produced by America’s oldest brewery.

I thought it was Chinese.

So douse me with a barrel of sport beverage.

Rick Steelhammer

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Punk Johnny CashBlack Friday General Strike Occupy Black Friday

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  1. Kirsten Tynan

    What an asshole move this would be.

    How endearing will most of the hard-working 99% find it to have one of their few days off during the year made all the more hellish by people claiming to be on their side? Do you think this will attract people to support or join the movement or repel them?

  2. mike flugennock

    An asshole move? Hardly. What better way to make the corporate class squirm and squeal like a pig than to remove one of their most profitable days of the year, the day they count on us to jump for the bell and participate in the conditioned-response excercise commonly known as Xma$ $hopping.

    If you ask me, this Kirsten chick is a disruptor sent by the One Percenters.

    1. MerlinYoda

      The whole stage-one thinking of the Occupy movement on the whole has prompted some facepalm by me on more than one occasion.I can get behind stuff like the peaceful sit-ins and peaceably gathering to discuss how the group should proceed … you know, strength through peace yet standing your moral ground. Once stuff turns aggressive (even passive-aggressive), you’ve lost me (e.g. any violence against persons or property, physically blocking an entrance to a business and infringing upon other’s right to freely enter). Stuff that has been developing (and in many cases has only been reported via online news outlets from what I can tell) is starting to get more asshole-ish as time goes on.

      For the sake of argument, let’s assume this “Black Friday General Strike” is successful and cuts into corporate profits … even incurring some losses. This isn’t going to hurt the ones at the top. It’s going to hurt those among the 99% that the Occupy movement supposedly represents. Any loss is going to most likely  be balanced out financially by cuts in either pay, benefits, holiday bonuses (for those that would have otherwise got them), or workforce. How does that hurt the 1% and not the 99%?

      Also, ad hominem attacks are one of the lowest argumentative tactics second only to baseless name-calling. Even *if* “this Kirsten chick” so happens to fall in among the top 1% of wage-earners, how does that have anything to do with the point she’s made? Has it occurred to you that some of the “One Percenters” may actually *agree* with the cause of the Occupy movement and even donate large amounts of their wealth to charities and other various causes?

      1. Kirsten Tynan

        For the sake of argument, let’s assume this “Black Friday General
        Strike” is successful and cuts into corporate profits … even incurring
        some losses. This isn’t going to hurt the ones at the top. It’s going
        to hurt those among the 99% that the Occupy movement supposedly
        represents. Any loss is going to most likely  be balanced out
        financially by cuts in either pay, benefits, holiday bonuses (for those
        that would have otherwise got them), or workforce. How does that hurt
        the 1% and not the 99%?

        I would really like for PunkJohnnyCash to address this in detail.

        Let’s say you bring the economy to a halt for one day. How much money do you expect to stop flowing? Whose pockets do you think it will it come out of? What effect do you expect it will it have on their lives? And so on.

        Something I don’t understand:
        Hourly workers will lose 8 hours of regular pay plus any holiday-related overtime at a higher hourly rate that they might have had the opportunity to earn.

        For the most part, salaried people will not lose a day’s pay. They may lose a vacation day or something like that.

        Fat cat corner office corporate executives will lose what, exactly?

    2. Kirsten Tynan

      Yes, because anyone who disagrees with you and doesn’t mindlessly goose step in perfect formation with the rest of the group is evil and bad. It’s an awfully fragile movement if diversity of opinion is all that is necessary to tear it apart.

  3. Brad Walker

    I think it is safe to say that a lot of people “just don’t get it”… yet. I stand behind anything, it doesn’t matter what, but anything to disrupt capitalism and corporate behavior. Whether it be organizing a general strike for black friday, or shutting down a port in Oakland, or breaking windows at your local CitiBank branch, all are effective in varying degrees. Once people start understanding that every little thing they do to resist will slowly add up, and also start to wake their fellow men and women to a way of life that is more sustainable for both us and future generations to follow. It is easy to write off such actions as “counter productive” or “hurtful to the 99%” or whatever, because that is the way we as humans have been trained to think. Once we break the barrier of old thought (or “new” thought as history would see it) and finally get over petty personal differences to realize that there are numerous controlling forces in our lives that we have absolutely no say in whatsoever, then we begin to progress as “the 99%”… until then it’s the 1% vs. the other 1%, and the other 1% controls everything right now. We need an awakening, a rebirth.

  4. Anonymous

    Mass picket all Walmarts & Targets and occupy their parking lots so the Consumption Addicts have to shop main street(local businesses) for their cheap China made fix! Note: Walmarts allow over night camping to RV’ers, so what would be the difference if a few(thousand) tents went up in their parking lots on Black Friday preventing people from parking? Just a thought! ;-)