The Issa Inflicted Mess from Mcpherson Square

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If it is six in the am again, this had better be important. I hate it when my tent shakes. Especially after the NDAA protest. I know it is before I open my eyes, and this had better not be another damned rumor we’ve been woken up for 3 times already.


“McPherson is being raided”


“Bullshit we’ve heard that one before!!”


“This is not a test, McPherson is really being raided this time!!! We might be next”


Out of my tent, force my boots on, eyes open, and head to the media tent to again steal some WiFi from the 1%. Eh, gotta do what I gotta do eh?


Livestreaming, and yup, everything is there. It is a smaller camp by this point, and i’m nervously wondering, do I stay or do I go? Jeez, there’s about 2 riot cops for every occupier. That’s overkill. The occupiers at this point can barely lift a backpack, let alone do any real damage. Some of them still have spirit. Some of them still have some power.


The Tent of Dreams. Something to be protected, to be saved, and something not to be given up easily. Well, somehow, the riot cops always get their way, and so goes The Tent of Dreams. It still lives on in the hearts, minds and spirit of all the occupiers. The Tent of Dreams is too beautiful a concept and too beautiful of an image to let go that easy, and yes there was a fight, but I couldn’t see as much of it as I had wanted through the screen.


Waiting, waiting…. There is supposed to be some kind of Unity General Assembly at Lafeyette Park, in front of the White House. At noon. Ok, that probably isn’t happening, but, grab a notebook and pen head over to the White House.


Nerves shaking… and that stench!!! What the hell??? Ten horse trailers in front of the White House, and the stench of horseshit completely permeates the air around the park and the home of President Barakabushlite. Makes sense, after he signed away the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments while on vacation in Hawaii, on New Years Eve of all times.


Come to an Answer Coalition protest against any War in Iran, who also are chanting for the occupiers as well. Good for them. But that’s not the story here.


What is going on at McPherson. That’s more important.


Got to Sixteenth and H. Encounter a horrible confusing maze of police tape. McPherson is given a police protected one block perimeter. Well, if there is some kind of raid, I start going through the tape, and facing arrest, I approach the DC Metro Police. That wasn’t smart.



“You in the flag, turn around”


Ok, maybe I should have left the flag cape at home. Oops. I take 2 more steps. These cops have been up since six am. Both of us are tired. I’m somewhat emboldened by the spirit of the day.


“You in the flag, turn AROUND”

Heard loud and clear, wondering what is going on. Depressed, I walk back through Lafayette Park and by the White House, back to Freedom Plaza, wondering what the next day holds.


I think I need to chill. I’m exhausted, sick, stressed out, and just need to get away for a bit. Recharge the batteries. Time to leave DC. Empty my tent and flee. Too many cops. Too much drama. Just too much. This isn’t a vacation. This is a full time job.

Benefit to aid pair with brain disorder

New Haven Register (New Haven, CT) October 19, 2006 | Luther Turmelle A Quinnipiac Street restaurant will hold a benefit this weekend to defray medical expenses of a Southington mother and daughter who suffer from a rare brain disorder. Saturday night’s fund-raiser at T- Bonz Bar & Grille is the brainchild of Thomas Dacey, who met Margaret Burke and her daughter, Rita Doran, earlier this year at a patients’ rights rally. this web site arnold chiari malformation

“I was just drawn to them and their plight,” said Dacey, who is host of a monthly public access television show and had the two women as guests recently.

Burke and Doran suffer from Arnold-Chiari malformation, in which there are structural defects in the bone that protects the cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls balance.

As a result of the disorder, the brain stem gets pushed down and can block the flow of fluid that surrounds and protects the brain and spinal cord. here arnold chiari malformation

The symptoms caused by the disorder, according to the Web site of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, include dizziness, muscle weakness, numbness, vision problems, headaches and problems with balance and coordination.

“It’s horrifically painful,” said Burke, 59. “After two hours of being up and on your feet, the pain is so bad you have to lay your head down.” Doran, 39, said she feels “blessed and loved” that Dacey and a half-dozen people performing at Saturday’s benefit are willing to help her and her mother.

Before she was diagnosed in 2002, Doran worked for eight years at the Waverly Tavern in Cheshire.

“I’m going to use the money to help pay for a visit to an out-of- state doctor and to buy tires for my car,” said Doran.

She lives with her mother in a senior citizen complex in Southington.

“This even also gives me an opportunity to make people aware of this disease, which provides an emotional release for me.” The women believe they could live normal lives if they were able to get the necessary surgeries done.

But Burke said they have not been able to get medical care they need because there are few surgeons willing to do the work on a pair of individuals only covered by Medicaid.

Saturday’s benefit begins at 7:30 p.m. and costs $5 per person.

T-Bonz is located at 28 Quinnipiac St.

Luther Turmelle can be reached at lturmelle@nhregister.com or 269- 1496.

Luther Turmelle

PeaceLoveSprayPaintThe Issa Inflicted Mess from Mcpherson Square

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