At a point you’ve made enough Money

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In the current 2012 election the republicans are reciting the words of President Obama in an attempt to frame him negatively as some socialist. Fox news and the pro-capitalist types are really having fun with this one. The problem is that it shows that both sides have absolutely no idea of what is going on, what the real problems are and what the real solutions are.

The problem is the theft of the product of the workers labor by the capitalist.

The problem is not that the capitalist ‘made enough money’. The problem is that the state exists as the backbone of the capitalist to claim the labor of the worker as their own profit. The problem is that wealth is redistributed to the ruling classes from the working class. The amount of money the capitalist hordes is not the problem that needs to be brought up. The problem we need to bring up is the reality that the state defends the ability of the capitalist class to continue to continue to monopolize the means of production.

Means of production refers to physical, non-human inputs used in production—the factories, machines, and tools used to produce wealth - wikipedia

The United States is good at taxing the working class to use a portion to direct towards a minimalist security net. This security net exists to ward off revolution. The security net was more properly referred to as a ‘pressure relief valve’ by Panclasta. It insures that a few needs reach a few of the exploited working classes to fend off poverty that would lead directly to the overthrow of the capitalist system.

The wealth monopolized by the state and the capitalist is the privilege of property. It is the right of investment which leads to the claim of property and dominion over the workers labor. Equality can not exist under the dominion of the state and capitalism. If the state falls capitalism can only exist by privatizing the functions of the state, essentially creating a new state. Taking the flag off the police and soldiers and replacing it with a company logo. To abolish the state completely and the functions of the state is a death sentence for capitalism.

The capitalist is specifically the one who has dominion over the worker and the means of production. The capitalist has the right of increase, or the legal claim to the production of the worker and the wealth generated by the workers labor. In turn the product of the worker belongs first to the capitalist then to the state which both claim the right to the wealth of the worker who builds society. After the wealth is claimed the capitalist throws a few table scraps down to maintain dominion and the state throws a few little scraps down to maintain some stability of this system of theft.

The statement “at some point you’ve made enough money” is a slap in the workers face. It is blind to the reality of capitalism as the problem and embraces the system that keeps the worker poor. But this statement was not isolated, what President Obama said before it is even more disturbing. He states ‘We are not trying to push financial reform because we begrudge success that’s fairly earned.” The flaw in this statement is the assumption that the capitalist’s success was fairly earned. The inequality brought by the monopolization of the means of production itself is an unjust advantage built upon generations of exploitation and privilege limited to the ruling class. It takes money to make money in this system. Simply because investment is the crux to the claim to dominion over the worker. Those who have to invest for the most part are those who have maintained this edge over the worker, the ruling class. Fair is: Without cheating or trying to achieve unjust advantage. The capitalist system is an unfair advantage maintained by the gun of the state and the dominion of the capitalist. President Obama is simply trying to maintain the capitalist system.

Punk Johnny CashAt a point you’ve made enough Money

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