The Aesthetics of Glass Storage

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How much food had my family wasted over the years? Holy mackerel! It was not a pretty picture!

Leftovers were shuffled into a dingy laboratory somewhere in the deeper reaches of the refrigerator. Fuzzy, chromatic colonies of sci-fi wonder flourished in containers of translucent plastic ware… Oh that plastic ware! Such an easy sell..the convenience, the re-useability! Only, it wasn’t convenient, and the potential for re-use was greatly diminished with every lid that was misplaced. It was more like a hot mess. Wasted food, lost lids, and PLASTIC! The very nature of the thing itself was and is terribly inconvenient. In the kitchen and on the ocean floor. Then one day I noticed the fine glass jars spaghetti sauce came in. Fine and dandy: every one the same basic design, and the lids were interchangeable. Suddenly jars of every size and shape suggested themselves to new purpose! And again, so many with interchangeable lids! I dug an old toy bucket out of the closet and began to keep lids in it. Next, the jars I’d collected were arranged in the cupboard, and I stopped buying plastic containers. Ah, the true ease and clarity of glass! Leftovers were now visible to any eyes that might rove the refrigerator. Soon, it was downright fun to find the right shaped glass jar for the item being stored: half an onion? Salsa jar! (How about some homemade salsa in a salsa jar?) Asparagus spears? Why, an old olive jar fit the bill!

Now the colorful things in the ice box are apples halves and pesto, ready to be served with the twist of a lid. Cleaning has been no more trouble then when I used plastic. In fact, I use a dishwasher and found that plastic never ran through the cycle very well. Often an oily residue clung to it. Shudder! Glass jars easily handle the higher heat on the bottom level; squeaky clean! And canning jars also work well in freezing: beans, fruits, leftovers, all freeze well in the heavier jars. A true convenience indeed!

At this juncture, we are all aware of how craptastic plastic is, no need to review the why-nots; rejecting plastic is an imperative. Choosing alternative methods of food storage is a good start.

Mary AnarchaeopteryxThe Aesthetics of Glass Storage

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