Animal Liberation Front (part 1)

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Howdy all you faithful!

Like I said last week, I am now changing direction on my column, but this entry isn’t exactly in the new direction format, as I am waiting till the elections are over and done with. So next week when we finally find out which one of the 2 baffons is going to suck Israel’s cock in order to start a war with Iran for profit, I will be here to shed a new light on other things. I had planned for this week an interview with a member of the Animal Liberation Front, after all animal rights is a cause I hold very close to my heart, but for health reasons the interview never materialized, and with me having  a great deal of admiration for the A.L.F., not only for what they stand for, but their methods of operating, I decided to go ahead and do a piece about the A.L.F. anyway, specially now in the awake of a new law passed in LA about all the pets shops been only allowed to sell rescued dogs (more should follow suit and put an end to breeding puppy mills), which I think its great news even thought baby steps, but baby steps in the right direction nonetheless. Apart from bringing more awareness on how animals are treated and what can we all do as so-called civilized humans in order to help every body (yes I ment to separate into two words) to live in peace and harmony, without exploiting other living creatures, who have all the right o live just like you and me. The other reason for wanting to do this piece is to clear a few things about certain myths regarding the A.L.F., specially referring to it as a terrorist group, which I find a outrageous, as I don’t see any of the A.L.F. members in the same league as shall we say; Bush senior, Henry Kissinger or Dick Chenney who I regard as fucking evil terrorists who got away with it, and still to this day enjoying retirement, without having to answer for, regarding all their crimes against humanity. Or the other animal terrorist Ted Nugent, who I’d love to see having a terrible death in my life time, because in every level he is the lowest form of scum there is, and the only reason he is a human being, it’s because he’s mother wouldn’t swallow. So in order for us to understand what A.L.F. is what it stands for, we must take a good look at it history, what it is and how it came to be.

By all means necessary…

What is The Animal Liberation Front?

At this point it’s an international underground leaderless resistance group active in over 40 countries that engages in all things regarding animal liberation, harming no animals or people with their actions but destroying property and facilities in the process. Removing animals from farms and labs, then arranging veterinary care and sanctuary when the animals can live the rest of their lives. If this is the behavior of terrorists, I think the world needs a few more of those brave terrorists to fight evil for the sake of the underdog (pun intended).

The history of A.L.F.

Its roots traces back to December 1963 in Devon UK, when Journalist John Prestige was assigned to cover some hunting event where he saw hunters hunt and kill pregnant deer. In protest he decided to form the HSA (Hunt Saboteurs Association), which involved their members turning up in hunting grounds with horns and pots and pans making noise to force the animals to run away.

By 1971 law student Ronnie Lee Join forces with fellow animal activist Cliff goodman and decided to form a more militant group ‘The bands of mercy’, with a few more activists, went on to attack hunters cars, by slashing tires and breaking car windows, designed to disrupt the hunting activities all together.

By 1973 the ‘Bands of Mercy’ heard about Hoechst pharmaceuticals building a new laboratory. On November 10 of the that same year 2 activists set fire to the place causing Pounds sterling worth of damage (nice one), and returning 6 days later to set fire to the rest of the place. It was the first known act of arson from the animal liberation movement.

In June 1974 another 2 activists set fire to some boats set for seal cull, in which was the last time the cull took place in the UK. From then on several attacks took place on labs, chicken breeding grounds and gun shops, damaging buildings and transportation (really nice indeed if I may say so).

By August 1974 Lee and Goodman were arrested for a part on an attack on an animal lab in Oxford. They were sentence to 3 years in jail, where they did a series of hunger strikes demanding vegan food and clothes in jail. They were pardoned after 12 months and after their release they were more militant than ever. After recruiting some new people, 30 all together, they decided to change their name giving more emphasis on the animal issues part of their activities. The Animal Liberation Front was born.

The way we operate…

Next week I’ll be writing about the structure and methods of the group, but if you don’t want to wait, just got to Wikipedia and type Animal Liberation Front, and read all  in there, after all that’s where I am getting this lousy summary for you suckers, but like I said before in case you haven’t noticed, essays are not really my thing, as long as I make more people aware of what we are doing for other living creatures, I am doing something right.

I will leave here a few web links for some sites you guys should take a look with much more in-depth about A.L.F., animal rights and veganism. Now I am not here to tell people what they should or shouldn’t do, but for the sake of a better and fairer world… If has eyes, you shouldn’t be eating. Animals have the same rights as everyone else. Whatever rocks your boat, if you need meat or fish that much, eat pussy or suck a dick… or have both, now there’s a meat/fish alternative worth having if you ask me, and has proteins too… just let the jiz run free… So have a think about and let’s try and make a better world for EVERY BODY.

Joe The Plunger


Luis PessoaAnimal Liberation Front (part 1)

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