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Oor flag is blue an white.

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Enough blood hus been shed in this land tae paint Ben Nevis ruid.
 we’re no fer warmongerin, we’re mair bothered aboot hoosin an makin shair the poor aye huv fuid.
We’ll pay postage an packagin
-Here huv thum  back, ye militarist Yanks,
Git  Trident oaf ay the Gare Loch’s banks.
 We seek tae follae yer  revolutionary ideals modernised
an no yer current love ay tanks!
 We’ve watched yer government in the US dropein bombs an chorin eyle
 we member what empire’s like
 an sae we ran a mile.
We’ve gote oor ane stocks in the North sea,
 an we weill ken your history
 dinnae bother us,we winnae huv yer spraff
we’re no gony huv any mair maisters,
dinnae coont us daft.
We’re aye waiting fer a day
 when nane ay oor sodgers uh’ll be sent
oaf tae face the afghans or fight in Baghdad
cause we ken oppression when we see it
 an iz Bannockburn showed we’ll ayewis fight it oaf like mad.
Sae nae mair will be the bullyboys ay the US or foost ay Britannia.
git yaist tae us sayin “no”
, Cause if yez come tae us beggin “gie us a hand”
wir gony tell ye where ‘ae go!
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Scott F. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland and soon to return. I try to think through achievable alternatives to Capitalism using Pragmatist philosophy and Analytical( aka 'No-bullshit') Marxism. I attempt to scrip away the bullshit from Marxism and the dogmatism of politics to reveal what can be done. My thinking exemplifies the unease,uncertainty, lack of clarity and problematic nature of this postmodern age. I think what's called for is a pragmatist inspired democratic socialism. .I've long been a dabbler in many political philosophies so I seek to incorporate any ideas into my politics that is useful and oppose all dogmatism as much as is humanely possible. I am a passionate advocate of Scottish Independence, a poet and have also been active in Occupy.
Scott FOor flag is blue an white.