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Weeks events 11/16/2012

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Greetings Comrades!

I hope all of you are well over the fucking election, and back down to earth for some reality check and are concentrating now on really serious issues, like Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez split or the CIA shithead who couldn’t keep his dick in his pants.

This week we also had the commemoration of the east Timor massacre (12/11/1991). Yes folks before there was a Bin Laden, Gaddafi or Hussein, the world had a much bigger terrorist, a terrorist named Henry Kissinger, and he’s behind what took place In Timor, (let’s not forget the Bay of Pigs and Chile), but to this cocksucker son of a bitch they gave him a Nobel  Peace prize and is still enjoying retirement, But you know what they say, a terrorist with a Yankee passport goes a long way.

In the meantime while the USA is busy protecting its 51st state (Israel), their rulers seem to be  taking advantage out of the situation and now is picking a fight with Syria too. Of course that was only a warm up type foreplay preparing for the real fuck they did in Gaza On the 14th. Er excuse me USA, but what are you waiting to go and deal with Zionist acts of terror???? Yeah right I get it, some are more terrorists than others, how fucking nobel of you. More bloodshed at that part of the world, and much more to come, just like everything else, Not all the Israelis are at fault, just like not all the Palestinians are the victims, it’s a very much catch 22 situation, But the truth of the matter is the zionists are the oppressors, and they are the ones getting support, not a very good policy in my books but what the fuck do I know, I can barely read the news nevermind comment on them.

In Scotland some ducks were stolen from a school, but eventually found and returned to safety of the school grounds, that’s a relief, with all going wrong in the world at least this story has a happy ending.

As for the rest of europe, for the time being they remain fucked without the pleasure, and Greece close to have sand in the vaseline, but this is only the beginning of the week, there bound to get much fucking worse, if that happen will be glad to mention.

Shithead is back…

Its been a terrible week for the so-called real Americans, you know the ones, inbreds who love the confederation flag, need guns so they can cope with a life with a tiny dick and no brains, think Obama  is a Kenyan muslim communist and can’t get over the election results. So the story goes 20 or so states (where most of the real Americans live) are now looking for seceding, having as their spiritual leader no other than imbecile extraordinaire Glenn Beck. Personally I think is a brilliant idea, that will be like Jersey Shores meets Honey Boo Boo. I hope it works and make a TV show out of it, we all need a good laugh at this day and age.

The next union to fall apart that’s not Russia…


Keeping on the same vein, KKK finest chapter  found themselves ridicule to the max by a bunch of clowns. Talk about adding insult to the injury, as if been an asshole who looks like Ted Nugent at a klan rally wasn’t enough, then comes a bunch of clowns shouting ‘White Flour, white Flour!’ back at ya… Gotta love clowns for brighten your day…LOL

enough said…

But its not all bad in America this week, we have yet another instalment of that money-making pile of dog shit Twilight saga, in case you wondering why illegal downloads are a cool thing. Oh and let’s not forget that our darling Octomom is in rehab for Xanax indulgence. Please have a heart and send her a card will ya.

I hope you all like the smell of GMO in the morning with your breakfast, as Monsanto is doing their best to fuck with everyone’s food for a profit, don’t worry America, after all your senate/congress/president is up for sale (as always been).

Fucking criminals…

Italy is not the latest European country to say enough is enough, and getting into a pickle with the ruling classes, but meanwhile their former prime minister still nowhere near a jail cell, don’t you fucking love the status quo?

Burn Milan Burn…

Well folks, I hope you all have a nice weekend, and don’t worry, next week will be more nice happenings to cheers us all up I am sure, ain’t you glad you are alive, and so many people are more than willing to fuck you over???

Joe the Plunger

Luis PessoaWeeks events 11/16/2012

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