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video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_F3oev06i

I am sure by now most of you have seen the video from which the image above is cited. The video depicts all sorts of heavily edited footage by the far-right Christian fundamentalist and comedian Steven Crowder as he attempts to rile up some of the union protesters outside of the Lansing capitol building in my home state of Michigan. The video shows Crowder engaging in his usual sophistry, until one gentleman clearly has had enough with Mr. Crowder and gives him a stiff one-two that left Crowder whining on twitter for hours; demanding the assailant be apprehended.

Having watched Crowder’s YouTube videos for quite sometime (even before I became a Marxist) I am not surprised this has finally happened to him. He has quite a knack for poking the bear. Anyone who watches any of his videos regularly will understand this. Moreover, the exact context of this fight is yet to be understood. Could the union man simply be upset? Quite possibly, and understandably so. Was Crowder provoking the man? Easily as possible as the former. Unfortunately, because the Cult of Breitbart has no intention of ever honestly editing video it is unlikely we will know for certain the entire context of the scuffle. What is important is that Crowder got what he deserved.

Severe battle wounds sustained whilst battling the evils of organized labor.

Before the hordes of cretins pile upon me for supporting aggression, I view this more as self-defense.

Mr. Crowder came to that event hoping to inspire outrage. That is his motive with these videos. He does not fly to the working class regions of Michigan, away from his cozy suburban existence, so he can reach a level of fraternity with the locals. He goes to upset, to agitate, and to provoke. The working man depicted in the video was only striking back against what he felt was an unacceptable aggression from the yuppie Crowder.

On a deeper level, this conflict is just a more personal expression of the ongoing conflict in Michigan, the United States, and across the globe. It is a conflict between conscious labor and their advocates against bourgeois reactionaries. Crowder is a disgustingly obvious yuppie and a bourgeois reactionary who takes pride in subjecting other humans to a calculating political economy that he moralizes through ‘compassionate conservatism’. He has not the faintest idea what it means to be alienated (in the proletarian sense), to be exploited, and to struggle for what is yours.

What Mr. Crowder hopefully learned is this: life is brutal, and class struggle is real. The nature of the market is not defined by elegant nothings and lofty notions, it is defined by bloody and physical struggle in a cold land with all forms of emotion. Market mechanisms do indeed exist outside of a Reagan quote book,  they exist in the mind of every worker who felt detached, every mother who struggled to feed her child, and every revolutionary who ever lived. The impacts of neoliberal policy leave a physical mark on a material world. I doubt if Mr. Crowder could ever really understand this. To him, and so many other bourgeois proponents, life is just a game where the winner is certain, the rules are clear, and the wrong is wrong. They cannot begin to imagine the material pressure these market forces exert on working people so far as to drive them into the streets in protest.

The conservatives will call us hateful for stating the obvious and thugs for acting on our principles. What does that make them then? The bourgeoisie have oppressed the working class for centuries; we seek only to end that. The capitalist social order has produced a world of starvation as Steven Crowder sips a latte, going on about about ‘union thugs’; we seek only to correct this. The vast multitude of humanity anguishes in unimaginable conditions, whilst bourgeois apologists like Mr. Crowder champion the ideals of this twisted system. Who really is hateful? Who really is destructive? The strongest quality of a revolutionary is love, and our love of humanity lead us to move against this lust of the almighty dollar.

Mr. Crowder will draw upon popular quotes, ones of inspiring language like those of “liberty” and “justice”. What is liberty to a woman who has to choose between baby diapers or a warm meal? What is justice to the man who has lost the job he worked tirelessly for? Words are only words when applied like cheap makeup to the grotesque nature of capitalism.

It is with this that I wish Mr. Crowder a farewell. He is not welcome in working class communities or the state of Michigan. The working people of Michigan have spent enough time on their knees, now they fight back. I urge all working people reading this to rise against their oppressors. Drive out the bourgeois. We are workers, we built this world and all the wealth it holds, it is time that we seized the hour and crushed the organs of our oppression.

The only thing we have to lose is our shackles.


Zak DrabczykGo Home Crowder: Labor Fights Back

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