Socialism is Nazism?: Right-wing Rhetoric Run Amok

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‘Hitler was a National Socialist. Get that? Socialism is Nazism.’ - generic Jim, the right-wing nut

Without a doubt, any individual with a rudimentary knowledge of history could tell you that Hitler co-opted the socialist movement to seat himself in power. The right-wing obsession with the word “socialism” in National Socialism has become more apparent to me as time goes on. Lacking any critical inquiry into the nature of Nazi Germany, they jump to the conclusion that socialism must be related to Nazism. Thus, if you are a socialist (marxist or otherwise), then you are no better than a Nazi.

Pretty ridiculous right?

The reason I address this issue is because yet another “Anarcho” – Capitalist cretin tried claiming that advocating voluntary forms of socialism is no better than advocating for “voluntary nazism”


Difficult to see, more for provable documentation.

A closer look can be seen here:


How common is this gross misconception among the right-”Libertarians”? It is difficult to say with certainty. However, what can be said is this sort of misconception has fallen over the fence of ridiculousness and now swims in a sea of absurdity.

Before, I believed it was totally unnecessary to draw obvious distinctions between Marxism and Nazism; now it seems that the utter historical negligence from the right-wing will force me to do so.

A clear understanding of Nazi theory would illustrate the clear hatred for Marxism as a ‘weak ideology’ of ‘Jewish’ elites. Furthermore, a basic understanding of Nazi policies would show that Marxists and other socialists were the first members of Hitler’s concentration camps. In addition, there are absolutely no similarities between Nazi “ethics” and what is proposed by Marxists. Nazis were able to justify mass murder and genocide by clinging to a far-right ideology of domination where one race of humans was inherently superior to another. Marxism has always been of the internationalist paradigm and has criticized racism, nationalism, and all other reactionary conceptions as ideological weapons wielded by the propertied classes.

Perhaps I will extend more on the issue if some believe it is necessary but for now I will let readers feast on this episode of absent minded rhetoric.

Zak DrabczykSocialism is Nazism?: Right-wing Rhetoric Run Amok

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