Solidarity with Michigan Workers!

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I want to take a moments break from the theory and debate to issue a strong message of solidarity with those workers who will be gathering in the Michigan State Capitol of Lansing tomorrow.

Being a Michigan native I know the price that is paid when unions are smashed, wages plummet, and jobs are shipped to more easily exploited states and nations. My father was a union member and it is because of his adequate compensation that I was able to live a fairly comfortable life and get the education that I use today.

This is a fight for workers rights and it extends deeper than the plots of the fascist Rick Snyder and anti-labor pundits. This is a global fight for the working class that should resonate with every person who has ever had to sell themselves to make a living or fight for what is theirs. This is that moment where we stand up and say “Ya Basta!”. Enough already! We are sick of bending over backwards so that the fatcats can get fatter while those of the working class are left to anguish. Its time for the working people of Michigan and the world to take their future into their own hands!

Fuck Rick Snyder, solidarity with Michigan workers and workers around the world! Workers of the world, unite!

Zak DrabczykSolidarity with Michigan Workers!

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