The Free State Project: The Future of White America

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When one takes a drive through Keene, New Hampshire, one can see the city is populated with a host of young white middle-class “anarchists” who call themselves the Free State Project.

What is the Free State Project? From their website:

“The Free State Project is an effort to recruit 20,000 liberty-loving people to move to New Hampshire. We are looking for neighborly, productive, tolerant folks from all walks of life, of all ages, creeds, and colors who agree to the political philosophy expressed in our Statement of Intent, that government exists at most to protect people’s rights, and should neither provide for people nor punish them for activities that interfere with no one else.”

What the website leaves out is that this group of bourgeoisie is also at the forefront of the “Anarcho” – Capitalist and ‘Voluntaryist’ movements.

As expected from a movement that bases the whole of its “radical” philosophy on Ron Paul throwbacks and small business angst, the sales pitch for this Murray Rothbard caricature of Jonestown reads:

“Are you frustrated at the loss of freedom and responsibility in America, while the growth of government and taxes continues unabated? Do you want to live in strong communities where your rights are respected, and people exercise responsibility for themselves and in their dealings with each other? If you answered “yes” to those questions, then the Free State Project has a solution for you.”

Their solution? Escape to the capitalist heaven of New Hampshire where there is no general sales tax and barely any pesky minorities. If that hasn’t convinced you let’s read some more reasons to move to New Hampshire from the FSP’s own ’101 Reasons to Move’:

“New Hampshire is one of only four states that places no helmet restrictions on motorcyclists…New Hampshire is one of the few states that very lightly regulates raw milk sales…New Hampshire is the only state with no laws restricting knife ownership… New Hampshire’s median household income of $63,942 is the highest in the country…New Hampshire has no capital gains tax…”

So if you like flailing unregulated knives, helmet-less, on a motorcycle you paid for with tax-free capital gains, then New Hampshire is the place for you!

If all of this still doesn’t convince you, they have explicit support from both Ron Paul and John “Captain Racism” Stossel.

Beyond the humor this is all a very sad expression of the core of the Voluntaryist movement. A movement of white middle-class males who feel alienated by taxes and poor people.


Not much more needs to be said to prove the point about the Free State Project. They seem to explain it themselves. Anything redeemable about this wholly reactionary organization is easily flushed away in a hysteria of anti-state reductionism and bitcoins.

My real criticism lies in the audacity of the Free State Project to associate itself with Anarchism. The sheer idiocy of such a comparison is masked by an equally dumbfounding ignorance of those in the Free State Project to realize they are indeed not Anarchists. Being a rich privileged white male who escapes the confines of income taxes to realize his full rate of surplus value does not qualify one as an Anarchist. It qualifies one as a privileged schmuck who at most is a coffee shop ‘revolutionary’ trading bitcoins for raw milk.

Many will know I am a Marxist; however, I have a great respect for the Classical Anarchist thinkers and their contributions to anti-capitalist and anti-state theory. These modern day ‘Anarchists’ would leave Proudhon rolling in his grave.

A more glaring issue with this all is: what is the point? Most of the members of the Free State Project are of the heavily privileged classes of the petit bourgeois and I have yet to see any of them that come from an actual Proletarian background. They already enjoy the luxuries that the majority of Americans, little alone the vast majority of the world, ever enjoy.  Furthermore, most do not have to suffer the alienating qualities of wage labor that plagues the working classes.

The Free State Project is really about the realization of a shitty ethical framework that prioritizes man’s relationship (or rather, subordination) with property higher than any concept of human liberation. They hide this framework behind lofty acronyms like the NAP (Non-aggression principle) which basically sanctions any sort of economic aggression against a “willing” subject and forbids any physical resistance as the utmost heresy towards the Gospel of Private Property. The failure here being that ‘free will’ is highly deterministic in a world where the means of subsistence are held privately and operated for a profit. Physical resistance becomes the only option other than utter ontological destruction; yet it also becomes the only thing that is more reprehensible to ‘Anarcho’ – Capitalists than the tenets of social ownership.

Poor bastard

From a Marxist perspective, one can always disseminate the heart of a movement by the class it bases itself upon. In the case of the Free State Project, it is based upon the privileged upper-middle class and business owners who fear impending social revolution or just wish to maximize their profits. It is with this class analysis that we can deduce the only logical conclusion about the Free State Project: complete bourgeois reaction.

The Future of White America

One thing I have left out of my ramblings is that the Free State Project is rather insignificant  Even in New Hampshire, where the movement is concentrated, Free Stater’s, have minimal influence, outside of a few legislative seats and PorcFest (the annual gathering of cretins). Even with their minimal influence, this concept of anti-state bourgeois reaction is appearing more streamlined throughout the United States.

In the past, we have seen phenomena such as gated communities and ‘White Flight’ that characterize bourgeois reaction to both social change and the internal contradictions of Capitalism. With the Free State Project, we see an even bolder step in that direction that challenges previously unchallenged concepts key to neoliberal governmentality including the ‘social contract’. It is hard to decipher what exactly this means for the future, but the trend seems to be clear.

The future of ‘White America’ will most likely be centered around escaping revolutionary conditions or the grueling social stratification that Capitalism produces in its life-cycle. With movements like the Free State Project, the Capitalist class can take refuge in these nearly white separatist tax havens and exert their dominance on the ‘lay’ persons from the comfort of places like Keene, New Hampshire. This hyper-privileged apartheid can only further alienate the working class and destroy any hope of social justice within the system.


At best, the Free State Project is just a conglomeration of gravely misdirected petit bourgeoisie hoping to escape the evils of the society they helped stratify. At worst, the Free State Project represents the Versailles of bourgeois reaction in the United States. The distancing of the bourgeois, both physically and ideologically, from the conditions the capitalist social order produced. The same order they try to uphold.

The task of revolutionaries is always to struggle against Capitalism for the liberation of humanity. It is insufficient to base a radical movement on the negation of an institution. One must also struggle for affirmation of more than the negation. In this case revolutionaries must struggle for the negation of Capitalism for the affirmation of human liberation. For a Marxist, this means empowering the toiling classes to throw off the shackles of subjugation and experience life through the struggle of Communism outside of systemic alienation. For a genuine Anarchist it means what it must. In general, all of us as comrades, must unite against this system of oppression and against the bourgeois.

This also means a struggle against the Free State Project, but not a violent one. Or even one that approaches physical confrontation. A struggle against the Free State Project means a struggle for human liberation in the destruction of these false ‘ethical’ frameworks. Frameworks that subordinate labor, to products of labor. Frameworks that allow the Capitalist class to eat as the rest of the world starves. In essence we must resist the co-option of radical movements by the bourgeois apologists who seek to inspire counter-revolution and enshrine the traditional values of private property that have enslaved humanity for centuries. Socialism must win the struggle in the minds of the working class before it can ever win the battle in the factories, in the fields, in the workshops, and for the future of humanity.


Zak DrabczykThe Free State Project: The Future of White America

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      1. rich.paul.freeman

        Anarchism is generally defined as a political philosophy which holds the state to be undesirable, unnecessary, or harmful, or, alternatively, as opposing authority …

        From Wikipedia. You can make up your own definition, but that’s what it means, and why people who actually respect the meaning of words use it to describe Free Staters.

        1. Internet Hat Machine

          Ancaps dont really see the state as unecessary or harmful, they don’t have any objection to what the state does, they just object to the fact that they’re not in charge.

  1. FTLJohnson

    Holy… fucking… shit… Zak….

    Zak… How much of a cliche can you be man…? A white dude with dreadlocks and a Che t-shirt? REALLY? A cursory google search of your name and I find out you’re a religious zealot that is a almost certainly a closeted homosexual. No wonder you love the violence of collectivism and the dull pallor of a life of self sacrifice… Do you really feel you’re doing the world justice by hiding what you really want out of life?

    Maybe if you dropped the hate, and stopped worshiping violent clowns like Che Guevara, and realized that letting others live peacefully and interact with each other on a voluntary basis, you could learn to have more happiness and love in your life – rather than constantly living in fear and hating people for what they have, which is so very far in reality from your vision of it that it’s laughable. Read any of the posts about activists in Keene, by residents of Keene, and you will generally find that the commentary is about how poor most of the Keene activists are. For most, the term bourgeois is completely laughable… I can guarantee that most were not taking AP Calculus in High School at a school that offered it. It’s a shame that your life is so miserable that the best you have to offer the world is this. I would think that you could put your mind to better use if you could deal with and let go of whatever abuses you have suffered. I seriously hope you find peace, and can find the desire to get what you want out of life, rather than to constantly desire to destroy others.

    1. drunkenatheist

      Let me see if I understand correctly….

      You’re butthurt because you feel like the FSP — and by extension, you — has been personally attacked, so you respond by personally attacking Zak? (By the way, using “closeted homosexual” in an obviously pejorative fashion is an awesome, A+++++, and TOTALLY NOT BIGOTED WAY to represent the FSP.)

      You ought to be able to handle a little bit of criticism if you’re going to try to convert most of the country to this way of life. Given that there is a large “work within the system” faction within the FSP, you will need to bring more people to your side. One could argue that the concept of a “free state” is oxymoronic at best, completely moronic at worst. Free Staters can bleat about voluntaryism all they want but if they are trying to get Free Staters elected into office, they’re still statists of some sort. (Source: >> please note that this section is pretty well cited.) After all, the concept of an election isn’t very voluntary, now is it?

      Look, I do have a soft spot for the FSPers and, if circumstances were different, would consider moving up there. I have in the past and am not throwing it completely out for future plans; however, I am not too hep on feeding into the inherent idiocy of a “free state,” and — as evidenced by my online moniker — I’m not too hep on dogmatic bullshit, either.

      1. rich.paul.freeman

        There are anarchists and non-anarchists among Free Staters … we all believe that if there is to be any role for Government at all, it should be (at maximum) to enforce laws against things like robbery, rape and murder (actual crimes) and to leave peaceful people alone.

        Minarchists believe in a minimal state.

        Anarchists believe in no state at all.

        In my opinion, either a minimal state or no state at all would be one hell of an improvement over the unlimited government which now runs roughshod over our rights.

      2. FTLJohnson

        ” (By the way, using “closeted homosexual” in an obviously pejorative fashion is an awesome, A+++++, and TOTALLY NOT BIGOTED WAY to represent the FSP.)”

        Way to build a lovely straw man to misrepresent my position. You’d think an atheist would know better… Maybe less booze and more reason next time?

        Yes, It is preoperative toward the CLOSETED part, not the homosexual part. I made that pretty clear despite your intentional attempt at misrepresentation. Thanks for playing.

        Look at all the lovely causes Zak supports,

        like “Keep God in Schools!” and “Stop Gay Marriage” and “God is real!”

        Like I said before… I hope that I’m wrong about Zak, but either way the evidence is consistent with the philosophy shown in this article.

  2. sgt150

    This is nothing more than a pathetic collection of personal attacks and libel. Not one shred of evidence offered to back any of the assertions. Typical meandering nonsense from a hack ideologue, desperate to force his viewpoints on others.

    1. FTLJohnson

      You seem to not understand what “force” means. See, socialism is dependent upon men with guns. People that want to understand my point can easily Google “Zak Drabczyk”

    2. FTLJohnson

      Also, I sincerely hope to be wrong about some of what I said, which, coming from a google search MAY be results about people that share the name Zak Drabczyk… but that philosophy of self hatred and wanting to destroy others and use force on people and criticize peaceful people… It comes from somewhere… Clearly it’s not a place of happiness and satisfaction with life.

    1. FTLJohnson

      That’s not fair… even I want to attack the author for being a hypocritical lying douche bag… and as much as I might like to date a caramel colored honey… Thus far, only like-skinned pale women are attracted to me. I don’t think that’s a fair judgement. Though, I guess it also might depend on whether he went to Muskegon High School or NORTH Muskegon High School.

  3. rich.paul.freeman

    It is interesting that the degenerate who wrote this article quotes the truth about us: ““The Free State Project is an effort to recruit 20,000 liberty-loving people to move to New Hampshire. We are looking for neighborly, productive, tolerant folks from all walks of life, of all ages, creeds, and colors who agree to the political philosophy expressed in our Statement of Intent, that government exists at most to protect people’s rights, and should neither provide for people nor punish them for activities that interfere with no one else.”” But then ignores that truth, when he implies that we are racist.

    What part of “tolerent folk” and “all ages, creeds and colors” does this moron not understand? As for the idea that *all* revolutionaries must *always* be anti-capitalist, what swill. The revolutionaries who broke down the Berlin Wall, those who overturned the tyranny of Soviet Russia, were not rebelling against capitalism .. they weren’t suffering under capitalism, they were suffering under communism … but they freed nations!

  4. BobRobertson

    This is all so very sad. So many straw-men, so little reason. What an immense waste of time.

    So while Zack sits on his ass waiting for another Marx to come by and tell him what to do, individuals who prefer Liberty are on their feet doing something about it.

    “An-” Standard Greek prefix meaning “no” or “none”
    “-archy” Standard Greek suffix meaning “rule” or “reign”

    So Gynarchy is rule by women. Oligarchy, rule by an elite. Anarchy, rule by no one.

    As for Capitalism, you are ignoring the fundamental aspect of Liberty: You choose. If you don’t like “money”, don’t use it. If you don’t like “property”, don’t have it.

  5. steve11

    Wow…I had to register just to reply to this trash. I’m not affiliated with FSP in any way, but I have call you out on this …if you want to debate an ideology, fine …but resorting to defamation is despicable.

    1. FTLJohnson

      Google his name… The dude is full of hate, and this article is just another representation of it. Just want people to be aware of what the source is probably hiding, whether it’s supporting causes like “Stop Gay Marriage” or wearing t-shirts idolizing bloodthirsty murderers.

      1. Post
        1. FTLJohnson

          Just google your own name. Put it in quotes. You have an internet history of stuff, not just videos, on various sites. I am sorry that you were raised in a Christian fundamentalist home. I am glad that you are escaping religion. Please do not trade one philosophy of judgement, collectivism, and self sacrifice for another.


  6. BobRobertson

    If Zack had done even the most cursory bit of investigation into the FSP, rather than just projecting his own angst, he would have found out that the president of the Free State Project is African-American.

    In fact, although I’ve never asked, she may not be “American” at all, but merely a resident, which would make her just “African”.

    What kind of bigots would hire an African Woman as their project President? Really! That doesn’t fit into the safe little box that Zack and the Southern Poverty Law Center define as “bad”.

    1. rich.paul.freeman

      I’m not sure how Zac the Bigot would react to Carla. She is African, but she is white. So he might hate her more for being white than he loves her for being foreign. It is hard to say. Tell us about your taxonomy of hate, Zac!

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  9. Marcel Dubois

    I have my own issues with the FSP movement, namely that they are not anarchists in the sense of profoundly respecting people and their choices. I don’t care so much that they are individualists instead of communists. They are ‘anarchists’ in the bigoted sense of being pro-property and not accepting anything else but, therefore not accepting the state. They work with minarchists who say government should only protect people. But how do you define what is to protect, objectively? Property is a big issue in that regard. People should figure out ethics by reasoning, not by dumbly accepting this or that theory. And even if they don’t do any reasoning of their own, they should accept the fact that they may be wrong, and accept also other paths of life. That was my two cents.

    Here’s a question for Zac. He said all the FSP people were petit bourgeois, and that explains why they hate taxes and regulations and it’s despicable of them to do so. Would it be less despicable if poor people were in this movement, or asked for the same thing? What is despicable about not wanting to pay taxes? Or not wanting to have your freedom restricted by laws? It seems to me that Zac has an issue with one thing, but attacks the FSP people on another. No anarchists want taxes and regulations.

  10. Natasha Petrova

    I am not an ancap, but I see no evidence presented that the FSP is only composed of upper middle class whites who hate black people. I am associated with The Alliance of the Libertarian Left at We’ve presented at the Free State Project and none of us on our own are upper middle class. I come from an upper middle class background, but I am not of that status based on my own income alone.

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