Volunteers Needed To Spread The Word Of Anarchism!

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We are starting a working group to publish a pocket copy of Kropotkin’s “Conquest of Bread” that can be distributed freely around town and at political rallies and events. This is a mutual aid project.  The idea is intended to model the Gideons who pass out bibles all over the world and the tea party who was passing out pocket constitutions at their events. The publication will also likely have an essay by Emma Goldman and an introduction to anarchism. It is intended to appeal to and reach those who are not actively seeking anarchism or looking to find the writings on their own. This is an effort to educate the masses and the more contributions we receive the more we can reach.

We are just now forming a working group to tackle this project. The group will be working mostly on promoting the fund raiser to make this happen. They will also have say in the final publication as well. If this effort is successful we may look at following it up with other publications of anarchist literature for distribution.

We are currently urgently looking for support in creating a video to promote the effort. If you have the equipment and skills to help us produce a short minute and a half to two minute video describing the project please contact us if you are willing to volunteer your time in making this a reality.

We are also seeking:

  • Contributors to help promote the project online and push for donations.
  • Help with layout of the book and editing.
  • Help with graphic design.
  • And more… Just tell us where you can help.
  • VIDEO SUPPORT!!!! Click here to contact us

All contributors will be thanked in the the final publication unless they choose to be omitted from the list.

We have contacted printers and are in the process of compiling and laying out the book.

The publication WILL NOT be for sale after the publication. The project is going to be an effort to print and publish as many copies to hand out and the copies will be distributed to those who have contributed so they can do just that.

If you are willing to contribute to getting this off the ground please contact us here.

If this endeavor is successful we will look at distributing other works in the same manner.

Punk Johnny CashVolunteers Needed To Spread The Word Of Anarchism!

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