masato yamaguchi plastic painting

The Art of Masato Yamaguchi (By Ella Gray)

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The writers for Gonzo Times need support. Writing is fun but everyone needs to eat. If you want to see Gonzo continue, we need your support. Donating is easy – you can do it through PayPal by clicking this “Donate” button: Japanese artist Masato Yamaguchi has never been afraid to experiment with blending the old and the new in his …

OrionThe Art of Masato Yamaguchi (By Ella Gray)

India’s Afghan Adventure

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By Mohamed Zeeshan US President Barack Obama recently moved the Congress to authorize his proposed plan of action in Syria and the future there seems rather uncertain. But while the world ponders over the now well-escalated and seemingly unsolvable crisis in Syria, let’s move away from the Middle East to yet another restive region, not too far away – in …

OrionIndia’s Afghan Adventure


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Originally posted on The Starving Artists Guild site. Jean-Michel Basquiat was a figure who seems to overshadow his own art. An artists success is largely determined by who they know or who knows them. Basquiat was able to ride his wave of popularity and social success into a booming career. Some art critics question if he added anything truly new …

Punk Johnny CashTo SAMO From SAMO

The Last Gate Out Of Autumn

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It’s winter. All your cares are dead, like the leaves that have fallen upon your dampened head. When the gates are open do you go out riding? When the gates are closed do you continue hiding? Who’s to say the day is dark at six? When the lights are out before dinner, we still play like kids.

Shawn BlevinsThe Last Gate Out Of Autumn

5 Ways To Save Money On Art Materials

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Originally posted at Le Rouge et Le Noir If you are like me then you are always needing more art materials, and art materials can get steep. If you just walk into the art store to buy what you need without planning it you can easily go broke. It takes some strategy. Here are a few tips that I try …

Punk Johnny Cash5 Ways To Save Money On Art Materials

Coco Chanel, Nazi? Feminist?

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In the first part of the 20th century any woman who would have an affair with a Nazi and dress like a man would instantly cause waves and be looked down upon by high society. Born in the later part of the 1800′s in a poor house raised in an orphanage and singing in a cabaret, Coco Chanel rose from …

Punk Johnny CashCoco Chanel, Nazi? Feminist?
Rab wilson

Working class poets- Rab Wilson.

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  Scottish poetry has moved on quite considerably since the days of Robert Burns. We now have rebels like Tom Leonard bucking the establishment in all sorts of ways including in terms of prescriptive linguistics.Scottish poetry has really moved away from the rut it was stuck in for many years post-Burns  ,an era which produced many an imitator for better …

Scott FWorking class poets- Rab Wilson.

Alphonse Mucha, Revolution of Art and The Working Class

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Alphonse Mucha started the art nouveau movement. Art began to take a turn to counter the industrial revolution much like the workers movement of the time in the late 1800′s and early 1900′s. Mucha’s style was popularized with a poster of the French actress Sarah Bernhardt. When art nouveau arived it was initially known as Mucha Style. The style embraced …

Punk Johnny CashAlphonse Mucha, Revolution of Art and The Working Class

Mark Rothko, The Artist, The Anarchist

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On February 25th of 1970 artist Mark Rothko took his life by cutting his arms with a razor the very same day nine of his paintings arrived at London’s Tate Gallery. He was found in his kitchen covered in blood. Mark Rothko took some barbiturates and opened a vein in his arm. Today Rothko lives on in his work, owned …

Punk Johnny CashMark Rothko, The Artist, The Anarchist

Dirty Dreams

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Dirty Dreams I awake, in a story where I am not the narrator. Just an actor in a commercial, I am compelled to be compelled. Each filthy action is a toy in the hands of ghosts. The roads all intersect in this hive of shadows, a divine spark removed with each turn, that leads to an American dream.

Shawn BlevinsDirty Dreams

Selling to Minors

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Selling to Minors It’s quite easy nowadays, selling to minors. Here comes the parade. Thrift store crash of psychopathic characters. Infinite crazy explosions, rolling out on neurotic love waves. It’s the last hurrah, filled with jeers, and cheers, then tears. Cannons fire filling the air with Pop Rocks and cotton candy confetti. The kids are satiated. Some of the kids …

Shawn BlevinsSelling to Minors

Update On Update on the Art of Punk Johnny Cash

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Okay, here we go. I have been focusing a lot of my effort on art lately. I have my children now full time so being a full time stay at home Dad had taken up a lot of my time. I am working on some new posts for Gonzo Times and am going to be looking for some new writers …

Punk Johnny CashUpdate On Update on the Art of Punk Johnny Cash

Anarchist Portrait Project Update

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The anarchist portrait project is underway, and I am excited to show off the first round of portraits. I am planning on revealing the first round in July. Until then we need support. You can help the project by purchasing a painting or donating. You can donate here. Or scroll through the paintings below and click on the one you …

Punk Johnny CashAnarchist Portrait Project Update
First Anarchist Portrait In Progress

The Anarchist Portrait Project

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I have begun a project to paint Portraits of Anarchists in front of the Red and Black (Colors may vary) I will be attempting to put up to 40 hours a week into this project. It will depend on how much support it gets, so please donate or help promote this on your social media. UPDATE: It looks like we …

Punk Johnny CashThe Anarchist Portrait Project
watch for copsSM

Watch For Cops

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The strength of the state is the gun. I finished this piece last week. It is 24 x 48 in. This highlights a problem we see in the media and more importantly one that is overlooked often by the media. The use of violence and it’s relationship to racism within police departments all across the United States. You can purchase …

Punk Johnny CashWatch For Cops

McDonalds CEO eats a burger in front of a starving child

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Please feel free to repost this image. I do however ask that if you do you could link to the original post on so it will help get some attention for my work. Please purchase a print so I can afford to continue to buy canvas and materials for the rest of the series.   The original picture is …

Punk Johnny CashMcDonalds CEO eats a burger in front of a starving child

A Couple Paintings I'm Working On

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Here are a few paintings I’m still working on. One is a look at violence by police, focusing on institutionalized racism. The other is a picture of the CEO of McDonalds eating a cheeseburger in front of a starving child. I hope to get the child one done in the next week. It takes time waiting for the oil paint …

Punk Johnny CashA Couple Paintings I'm Working On

Trauma In Iraq | Oil Painting (Anti-War Art)

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Late last year I picked up a brush again and started getting back into painting. I am working on some much more developed pieces than this one that I will hopefully will have to show soon. I am focusing great deal on subjects I have discussed here. I want to point out the violence we accept in society. Police and …

Punk Johnny CashTrauma In Iraq | Oil Painting (Anti-War Art)

Free Sabocat Vector Image

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Click here, or click on the image below to download the .zip file with an .ai and an .eps file format vector image of sabocat. For all you Wobblies and anarchists out there have fun. I hope you can use this image in your signs, icons or wherever you need a sabocat. Feel free to do with this as you …

Punk Johnny CashFree Sabocat Vector Image

Mickmo Art!

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When I first moved to Kansas City I started to meet up with the CCN, the comics creator network. One of the first friends I  made in the area was Mickmo. He truly is an under appreciated, under rated artist. The guy has a wonderful thing going on that is unlike any other. His style is wonderful and truly unique. …

Punk Johnny CashMickmo Art!

Power To the People Vector Image

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I’ve been thinking of posting original art here at the site. I am going to put out some more vector images in the future here for people to use. I am starting with a simple one. It’s the basic and classic power to the people fist. This image has been used countless times with countless groups. Feel free to download …

Punk Johnny CashPower To the People Vector Image