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Stranger In A Strange Land

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Pulling out of Escondida was exciting and nerve racking. The anxiety hadn’t subsided a bit even though the bus was rolling down the road. Final good-byes were quick though, since we had been a month making them. The excitement for what new adventures lay ahead was running high though. And after 100 miles. some of the anxiety started to slip away. Contrary …

Kom-E RonStranger In A Strange Land
Kom-E Ron

Get On The Bus Again!

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If you have been reading here you have been following Ron as he travels across country living in a Bus. Well there is apparently an issue and the transmission is out. There is a Chip-In to get him up and running please help spread this around and donate what you can.   You can read the On The Bus Column …

Punk Johnny CashGet On The Bus Again!


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After sitting around for a month, working on the bus, the day is fast approaching when we will be leaving Escondida Lake and making our way to Texas. Having made a couple of trips into town with the wiring redone, and those not being 100% successful  anxiety is running high. We still need to buy a few parts before we can …

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It's War

Class War in the Campground

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There are three types of people in the campground. The first group are the “locals”. These are folks that live full-time here. I have mentioned two of these people in an earlier piece, Al and Daryl. Al is a retired county worker. Daryl is a disabled vet. Through various misfortunes they both ended up with nothing and finally were able …

Kom-E RonClass War in the Campground
Flower Arranging


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Anyone that has spent any time doing nothing knows that doing nothing is boring as hell. I prefer a non-hierarchical society or community that is based on the idea of, “From each according to their ability, to each according to their need.” People so in-trenched in the idea of capitalism, sometimes even those people who don’t particularly care for capitalism, …

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Hanging by the fire

Broke and Broke Down

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The work on the bus was going slow. The desire to hit the road was growing strong. So just like the typical voter, we suspended reason and took a leap. No, the plumbing wasn’t done. No, the electrical hadn’t been completely finished. But we could live with the small inconveniences those things presented and just work on things as we …

Kom-E RonBroke and Broke Down
Change is on the way...

Falling Stars

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I have always been in love with the desert. The solitude is actually awe inspiring when you are looking for it. You can leave the “city” and be out in the middle of nowhere in minutes. When artificial light is out of the picture, the moon is a great source of light.That is one of the things that people who …

Kom-E RonFalling Stars
The "Further" Bus that launched a generation of people onto the road and facilitated the Kool-Aid Acid Test.

How Far Ken?

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When I was pretending to grow up, one of the biggest influences on me was my perception of Ken Kesey. I say my “perception” because of course I didn’t know the Kesey of reality, only the Kesey of my reality, filtered as it was through stories, articles and his own writings. And more importantly through my own imagination. Kesey was …

Kom-E RonHow Far Ken?