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Stranger In A Strange Land

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Pulling out of Escondida was exciting and nerve racking. The anxiety hadn’t subsided a bit even though the bus was rolling down the road. Final good-byes were quick though, since we had been a month making them. The excitement for what new adventures lay ahead was running high though. And after 100 miles. some of the anxiety started to slip away. Contrary …

Kom-E RonStranger In A Strange Land
Flower Arranging


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Anyone that has spent any time doing nothing knows that doing nothing is boring as hell. I prefer a non-hierarchical society or community that is based on the idea of, “From each according to their ability, to each according to their need.” People so in-trenched in the idea of capitalism, sometimes even those people who don’t particularly care for capitalism, …

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Hanging by the fire

Broke and Broke Down

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The work on the bus was going slow. The desire to hit the road was growing strong. So just like the typical voter, we suspended reason and took a leap. No, the plumbing wasn’t done. No, the electrical hadn’t been completely finished. But we could live with the small inconveniences those things presented and just work on things as we …

Kom-E RonBroke and Broke Down
The "Further" Bus that launched a generation of people onto the road and facilitated the Kool-Aid Acid Test.

How Far Ken?

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When I was pretending to grow up, one of the biggest influences on me was my perception of Ken Kesey. I say my “perception” because of course I didn’t know the Kesey of reality, only the Kesey of my reality, filtered as it was through stories, articles and his own writings. And more importantly through my own imagination. Kesey was …

Kom-E RonHow Far Ken?
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Silencing peaceful protesters and the media

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Utter the words police and excessive use of force in the same context, and most people will instantly think of the US. Then in the same breath of air, mention journalists and censorship, and most might instead refocus to China. That is what I’ve experienced; reading comments on news sites, following discussions on forums and on Twitter and when talking with people …

Dr. Jimmy WallSilencing peaceful protesters and the media

A decade of indecisive occupation

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When I started writing this piece, the focus was on how Occupy Brisbane absolutely fail with their PR. They can criticise the public all they want for being brainwashed; but if they can’t win the support of the public, that is failure – no matter how you try cover it up with hippie-speak. Why don’t you and other go seek …

Dr. Jimmy WallA decade of indecisive occupation

Henry Rollins on D.I.Y. Politics

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A few words on getting politically active from Henry Rollins By Shawn Blevins You are mad as hell and you are not going to take it anymore. The clowns in congress have done something so heinous that you have decided to put down the remote, get out of your recliner and take action. But wait, you have never done anything …

Shawn BlevinsHenry Rollins on D.I.Y. Politics

The Idiocy of Politics and The Truth About Voting

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Tax brackets on cigarettes to be adjusted.(Business) Manila Bulletin September 21, 2004 Government economic managers have agreed to retain the price brackets on cigarettes and only the tax brackets would be adjusted according for simplier and easier tax administration. A source said this was based on the proposal of Trade and Industry Secretary Cesar V. Purisima. There was no decision, …

Punk Johnny CashThe Idiocy of Politics and The Truth About Voting

If You Vote You Have No Right To Complain

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The masses want a fix to their problems and a resolution for areas they are discontent. They listen to politicians. They think they can walk up to a voting booth once a year and by choosing the ‘right person for the job’ they will see the changes in their lives. The politicians preach a utopia. They succeed by convincing voters …

Punk Johnny CashIf You Vote You Have No Right To Complain

Vote For Nobody, Don't Stay Home!

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I am joining the ‘Vote for Nobody’ movement this November, but I am urging others not to stay home. It occurred to me that we can reach more people outside of our niche milieu by showing up at the polls and standing outside promoting our views. When you go to vote there are democrats and republicans pushing their candidates on …

Punk Johnny CashVote For Nobody, Don't Stay Home!

Social Justice in a Stateless Society

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How do we even begin to address social Justice in a stateless society? We do it through direct action not political action.  Something like social justice is vast and many changes and issues need to be addressed. Is there a final point to reach? Will the work ever be done? The state has failed to eliminate racism, sexism and other …

Punk Johnny CashSocial Justice in a Stateless Society