Women’s Liberation and Alienation: A Marxist Perspective

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Introduction The question of Women’s Liberation has always been one of a strenuous nature. Even amongst the broader Left, the role and function of Women’s Liberation has varied greatly. I will set the record straight by first not using the phrase ‘Women’s Rights’; I find this terminology highly frustrating because it tends to assume that women can reach some form …

Zak DrabczykWomen’s Liberation and Alienation: A Marxist Perspective

San Francisco anarchists need you to fax/email/phone flood the SF DA’s office.

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Full disclosure: I have known Lauren Smith, one of the subjects of this blog post, for over five years. We are online friends, and I first “met” her through a feminist community I once co-moderated. An estimated 22 anti-capitalist protesters were arrested on Saturday after police clad in riot gear violently disrupted their march against colonial genocide, which is celebrated …

drunkenatheistSan Francisco anarchists need you to fax/email/phone flood the SF DA’s office.
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Part I: Hey Wait A Minute

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Conversations with “Free-Market Anti-Authoritarianism” – Part 1 First, I should probably lay some groundwork. What is a “free-market anti-authoritarian”? The reason I might need to explain what they are to some is that you are very unlikely to run into one anywhere but on the internet, and if you do they might go by several different monikers. One of them …

Kom-E RonPart I: Hey Wait A Minute
Ready to start a plunger revolution...


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Who the hell is Joe the Plunger? I am one year shy of half a century of existence, and I have been blessed/cursed with sharing my birthday with two famous people. One a badge of honor (Ozzy Osbourne), the other a sperm stain in a pair of old boxer shorts of a fat, smelly bastard who hasn’t been laid in …

Luis PessoaWIKIPISS! YOU PISS, PLUNGER LEAKS by Joe the Plunger

An open letter to Hakim Bey and his ilk

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Die. Seriously, just die.   When the state collapses and there are no more police to protect you, guess who dies first?  Not the capitalists.  Not the politicians.  Not even the stormfront.org crowd.  Pedophiles.  I, and other anarchists like me, will kill every goddamned pedophile on the face of the planet the first day there are no police to protect …

Matt D. HarrisAn open letter to Hakim Bey and his ilk

Anarchism vs. anarchy

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I think it’s important to take a moment to make this distinction.  Anarchism is a well-thought-out revolution leading to a well-thought-out lifestyle, free of oppressive/coercive hierarchies.  It is an implementation of true freedom that leads to peaceful co-existence and cooperation. Anarchy is an implementation of true freedom without any other facets.  Lacking the thoughtfulness and cooperative/voluntary structures of anarchism, it …

Matt D. HarrisAnarchism vs. anarchy

Rent and feudalism in an anarcho-capitalist society

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First, a disclaimer: I don’t claim to be an anarcho-capitalist, but I have a fair number of friends who do.  I’m fairly well-versed in ancap theory as well as theories from which it sprung forth (traditional anarchism and classical liberalism) as well.  I’m approaching this subject from an anarcho-capitalist perspective in order to critique some common statements made by self-professed …

Matt D. HarrisRent and feudalism in an anarcho-capitalist society

Anarchism vs. Anti-Statism

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It seems that, at times, some people confuse anarchism and anti-statism.  Anarchism is defined by anarchists as an opposition to oppressive/coercive hierarchies.  This does not mean that anarchists oppose, say, a group of workers in which one work has been given the responsibility for making a schedule – while in this example, a hierarchy (a power imbalance) clearly exists in …

Matt D. HarrisAnarchism vs. Anti-Statism
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Towards a Masculist Movement

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Feminism doesn’t speak for me. Feminists often claim that they speak for all gender oppression.  They claim to be true gender egalitarians, and that they’re opposed to heterosexism, transphobia, and discrimination against men, in addition to fighting against gender oppression targetted at AFAB [Assigned Female At Birth] people.  They also quite commonly make the point that “men” don’t understand the …

Matt D. HarrisTowards a Masculist Movement

Without bad people, bad ideas cannot result in piles of dead civilians

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George Donnelly recently posed the question “Are you opposed to bad people (statists)? Or bad ideas (statist philosophy)?” Let me start by saying that George is a principled guy, and I have a lot of respect for him, and for his views.  He’s a very genuine individual.  In this case, however, I tend to disagree.  I don’t disagree entirely.  Specifically, …

Matt D. HarrisWithout bad people, bad ideas cannot result in piles of dead civilians

It Doesn’t Matter What “the Law” Is

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By Kevin Carson Originally on C4SS In one of the more memorable passages in Orwell’s 1984, Winston Smith contemplates the inevitable doom that will follow from the first entry which he is preparing to make in his diary. The act was not illegal, he reflected — there were no laws in Oceania — but its discovery would nevertheless result in …

Gonzo TimesIt Doesn’t Matter What “the Law” Is
good cops

Opposition to Policing and the Law

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Workers solidarity movement has one of the best articles about policing and law I have read in quite a while. It really hits the issue hard and concise: The police force is the state’s physical and intimidatory means of maintaining a desired status quo in society; one of socio-economic divisions and inequalities. Alexander Berkman stated that crime “is the result …

Punk Johnny CashOpposition to Policing and the Law

Uncle Sam Loves Oil & Sprawl

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Every morning as I drive to work I gas my car up with fuel we have murdered to obtain. I think of how our cheap oil is only possible by the slaughter of the state. Every morning I drive on the highways monitored by armed state employees I think of how frustrating it is to have to drive on the …

Punk Johnny CashUncle Sam Loves Oil & Sprawl

The Arab world is burning

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This article came from Anarkismo.net translated by google translate from the article العالم العربي يحترق Interview with A Syrian Arab Republic Anarchist Major uprisings that shook the Arab world in Yemen, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt now has surprised everyone. It is without doubt one of the most important events in our time that sends a clear message that there is …

Gonzo TimesThe Arab world is burning

A Left Libertarian Manifesto.

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A Left-Libertarian Manifesto. Often I am asked what differentiates me as a left libertarian from other libertarians.Here is my attempt at an answer.In writing this manifesto, I have attempted to avoid controversies and instead focus on what I consider to be the essence of left libertarianism and lay out a few of it’s central tenets.Hopefully this will help explain and …

Scott FA Left Libertarian Manifesto.

Is Anarchy Utopia?

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As an anarchist I constantly face a demand from critics to prove anarchy will bring utopia. The conditions to reach anarchy people claim are utopian. Many ask how the absence of a government will solve problems the government has failed to solve. This shows the complete lack of understanding for what it is we are working to obtain. How will …

Punk Johnny CashIs Anarchy Utopia?

Authoritarian Sociopathy: Part 1

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By Davi Barker This was originally posted at Examiner.com. Comments on the original are appreciated. For those interested in the science behind authoritarian sociopathy no studies are more poignant, or more chilling in their ramification than the Milgram Experiment and the Stanford Prison Experiment. But their sentiment was perhaps best expressed by Thomas Jefferson in an often overlooked passage of …

Gonzo TimesAuthoritarian Sociopathy: Part 1

White AmeriKa & Class Envy

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This is continuing off of the earlier post White Power White Privilege I left with some questions that will be answered most likely in the next post. This one is going to expand on more of the concepts that I touched on in White Power White Privilege. I received a comment outside of the site that said the article White …

Punk Johnny CashWhite AmeriKa & Class Envy
sears tower

A Note On Anarchism Construction Over Destruction

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Many can not remove their concept of a state from their concept of order or protection. This makes statelessness difficult for those people to comprehend. On the other hand many get caught up in the idea that I am promoting a ‘destruction of the state’ which is not entirely true. We do not destroy our way to a stateless society. …

Punk Johnny CashA Note On Anarchism Construction Over Destruction

Topics Needed for the Agora I/O Unconference

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This is a post from Arm Your Mind for liberty! There are lots of conferences in the liberty world, but none are dedicated to advancing agorism. Until now! Agora I/O is a new un-conference where you’ll find the greatest people, ideas and tools for advancing the stateless society. You don’t want to miss this, and you don’t have to! Agora …

Punk Johnny CashTopics Needed for the Agora I/O Unconference

No Authority But Oneself: The Anarchist Feminist Philosophy of Autonomy and Freedom

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The following article was on nothingness.org original posted here by Sharon Presley. “Why am I the slave of Man? Why is my brain said not to be the equal of his brain? Why is my work not paid equally with his? Why must my body be controlled by my husband? Why may he take my children away from me? Will …

Punk Johnny CashNo Authority But Oneself: The Anarchist Feminist Philosophy of Autonomy and Freedom

The Production of Security

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Taken from The Molinari Institute by Gustave de Molinari There are two ways of considering society. According to some, the development of human associations is not subject to providential, unchangeable laws. Rather, these associations, having originally been organized in a purely artificial manner by primeval legislators, can later be modified or remade by other legislators, in step with the progress …

Punk Johnny CashThe Production of Security
Capitalism Communism

Capitalism vs. Communism Challenging The Paradigm

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Can the Captialism vs. Communism paradigm be challenged just as so many of us have found the flaw in a left-right paradigm? I was once like most Americans, I opposed socialism and communism. I knew that capitalism was the only way because that was just a fact. It was one of those unquestioned facts. Just as some fall into the …

Punk Johnny CashCapitalism vs. Communism Challenging The Paradigm

Hollywood Copyright & Intellectual Property

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I was recently speaking with a friend who is an actor. I use that gender specific because it is the term she uses for herself. She told me that many agencies do not represent people of color or anyone that is not white. They claim they do not handle ‘alternative casting’. This ‘alternative casting’ is really anyone that is not …

Punk Johnny CashHollywood Copyright & Intellectual Property