A decade of indecisive occupation

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When I started writing this piece, the focus was on how Occupy Brisbane absolutely fail with their PR. They can criticise the public all they want for being brainwashed; but if they can’t win the support of the public, that is failure – no matter how you try cover it up with hippie-speak. Why don’t you and other go seek …

Dr. Jimmy WallA decade of indecisive occupation

George Orwell and the Spanish Civil War

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Despite his British patriotism and criticism of middle class advocates of a “classless society,” among other varying acts of left wing heresy, Orwell was as militantly anti-fascist as Winston Churchill, if not more so. Orwell, among other towering intellectuals such as Ernest Hemingway, journeyed to Spain to combat the fascist dictatorship of Francisco Franco. As Christopher Hitchens, an Orwell scholar, …

OrionGeorge Orwell and the Spanish Civil War

A Primer On The New Tribalism

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Punk Johnny Cash has asked that I write more about the Alternative Right and their movement. We’ve had several excursions with them here at Gonzo Times, as I have when I written about them elsewhere. This article I hope to be a definitive piece aimed for republication in the Gonzo Times zine and a reference point for anyone who wants …

OrionA Primer On The New Tribalism

The Alternative Right

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Jay Batman’s articles crystallized for me something I have seen on the rise for the last year or so. In American society, and to a larger extent Europe, Canada and Australia, you’re seeing the rise of a movement that is best described as the “alternative right.” These guys are radical traditionalists, who through the election of a black president to …

OrionThe Alternative Right