Reasoning in Midstream

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Originally posted at “Reasoning in midstream*” is a common phenomenon in public discourse that typically starts right around the time that bombs start dropping or legislation starts being penned in response to a “crisis”. It is the monotonous focus on the present state of a problem–a pending genocide, a health or financial emergency, or a security threat–disregarding the history …

Jad DavisReasoning in Midstream

Ronald Reagan was a Warmonger

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This article first appeared in the Libertarian Forum, Vol. XVII, Nos. 7–8, July–August, 1983. by Murray Rothbard. The world is in very dangerous waters. The “true” or rhetorical Ronald Reagan, the second Reagan of the conservative “Let Reagan Be Reagan” slogan, has functioned only in the world of rhetoric since the beginning of his misbegotten Administration, or arguably since he …

Gonzo TimesRonald Reagan was a Warmonger

Truth Is Hidden By Law

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I think I have found a law I can get behind. This in fact is one I would lobby for and fully support. We must pass a law stating each senator, politician, state employee and voter is mandated to attend every funeral for every victim of our military and police. Each one of us should stand and see the lives …

Punk Johnny CashTruth Is Hidden By Law

The War You Don't See

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I found this posted at Beyond the Corral San Diego Office Building Sold for $55 Million. Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News March 28, 2003 By Mike Freeman, The San Diego Union-Tribune Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News Mar. 28–Another downtown San Diego office building has been sold to investors looking to bolster their holdings of local high-rises. BCL Inc., a La Jolla real …

Punk Johnny CashThe War You Don't See

O’Reilly – It’s Not a Lie If You Believe It To Be True

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In an interview with Michael Moore Bill O’Reilly stated ‘it’s not a lie if you believe it to be true’ as a defense for the lies and wars of President Bush. This statement ‘it’s not a lie if you believe it to be true’ is telling if you have seen much of O’Reilly. He has the habbit of inviting guests …

Punk Johnny CashO’Reilly – It’s Not a Lie If You Believe It To Be True

Warfare is the central hubris of the state

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This article was originally posted here. Warfare is the central hubris of the state. I recently wrote an article that invoked much anger and appreciation: Fear and Loathing in the U.S.M.C. For God & Country. As I watched the reactions to the article and discussions around the internet I noticed something. Those who were most angry with the article defended …

Punk Johnny CashWarfare is the central hubris of the state

The Video Youtube Removed, a Look At The Victims Of The U.S. Empire

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I found this video posted at AnonOps and felt I should share it. Tell us who is the terrorist? Youtube has removed the video. This alternative copy is available. We first posted this on December 20th 2010. The video was removed for graphic content. I am certain I have seen more graphic content on the site, but with one major …

Punk Johnny CashThe Video Youtube Removed, a Look At The Victims Of The U.S. Empire

Us Vs. Them

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A man walked into a diner wearing a red jacket adorned with the logo and emblem of a certain sports team, the team of an out of town school. The conversation between the waitress and patrons began to evolve into a competition between what school team they supported, and how the school they attended was superior. This odd competition seems …

Punk Johnny CashUs Vs. Them